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Default Re: Roadmaster Luxury Liner

those are good repros, but they're not the same quality as the originals. i don't think any of the parts are made in the usa, except for maybe the price tag.

as far as it being a "Blue Chip Investment," you'll probably never get more than what you paid for it. they have no value to serious collectors, and a restored original is about the same price. you see those repro bikes on ebay all the time for outrageous amounts of money, and no one ever buys them. the reason you can get them for 750 now, is because nobody in their right mind woulda paid 3 grand for a repro. it's a nostalgia thing, nothing more. for three g's, you could buy 10 real vintage bikes, fix 'em up, and still have enough money left over for a Dodge Dart.

all that being said, it's still a cool lookin' cruiser, but the parts don't add up to the price.

now, if you could get the guy to knock another 500 bucks off the price, you're stylin.
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