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Default Switching Teams... And not like that..

Get your mind out of the gutter, lol. Well I have been tossing around an idea in my head. Currently I can go over fifty on my current bike but I am beginning to question the safety of my bike. That speed on a frame, wheelset, and tires that are intended for a bicycle kind of make me worried. Mopeds have wider tires, beefier frames and full suspension. A stock moped will only do 30 or so but I can already to that on my bike. I would like to use a 2 wheeled cycle at 45 mph to commute an hour to work. I have been thinking of throwing a M65-C 65cc 17hp 6-speed engine on a sachs g3 moped. It will be safer, more comfortable and I wont look so bad wearing a helmet (currently dont where one). I will not have to register it or worry about police hassling me. The moped with that engine should do over 100mph and will be able to cruise at low rpm because of the transmission. So my bicycle may be on the market soon, anyone interested send me a PM, currently im seeing if I can get it registered as a moped for the next owner. If anyone has any opinions on this please respond. -Justin

Morini Franco USA

SOLD..50cc Morini S6-T 5.8hp,
44 tooth sprocket, Early 1990's Diamondback Frame, 26" WTB FX28 Wheels w/ Shimano XT Hubs,
Dellorto PHBG Race Edition 19mm Carburetor, 4 Valve Reed Intake (combined adds ~2hp),
Homemade Expansion Chamber, Homemade Steel Pack Muffler, Homemade 1.6 gallon Rear Gas Tanks
TOP SPEED: 54.0 MPH (not gps tested yet)

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