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Default Re: Hand grip removal- What's your method?

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
Utility knife, pliers, crescent... LOL! I-paint appears to be the only one here with a clue! Go to a bike shop some day and see.

This for all you foolios to go out & try right now!!
This is the easiest way on earth to take a grip off!!!! No comrpessed air, no WD40, no water & screw driver or spokes........ just a wrench & a hammer & it's off in 3 hits!!!!!!!
This works on 90% of all grips out there; the only grips it won't work on are super soft (super sticky) rubber grips...

Seriously!!! go out to any bike right now & try this!!!

(& if you can't remove it in 3 hits; you're hitting it like a girl!!)

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