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Default Roadmaster Luxury Liner

3166158018_74d0034183.jpg1948RoadmasterLuxury.jpg47d396132a4da_58495n.jpgI have a opportunity to purchase some of these 1998 50TH Anniversary Roadmaster Luxury liner bikes. They are 11 year old reproductions of the 1948-1954 Roadmaster Brand New in the box. I bought one today to check em out. This bike is awesome! It came fully assembled in a huge box.
They are crazy MB's. I do not know tons about vintage bikes. I can get a good amount of these believe it or not.. They sold for $3,000 in 1998. I can get them now for $750.00. All paperwork included.

Search Beam Headlight
Taillight w/ Brake light
Electric Horn
Coaster-back Pedal Brakes
Shockmaster Double Spring Front
Enduring Style and Quality
26x2.125 Whitewall Tire w/ 12 gauger spokes
Blue Chip Investment
Rideable Fine Art
Rolling Sculpture

Any knowledgeable input on these bikes would be appreciated.

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