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Default Re: Hand grip removal- What's your method?

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
My best to date method for removing the grips is with a pair of pliers.
Of course it ruins them. I have also used a punch and hammer and that is waaay less destructive, but still a little harsh on the vintage grips and some of the softer ones.

My best to date method without destroying them is to pry up the edge, (careful there with the screwdriver) shoot some windex in there and give them a couple of twists. After working them for a few seconds, they will slide off like magic.
Hold ur finger over the hole in one grip, blow air in the other grip with an air hose and it will come right off. Sometimes you have to plug the holes with a screw or your friends fingers etc. and stick your air nozzle under the edge of the grip, blow air under it and again it will slide right off.
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