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Default Re: Ran out of gas for the first time....

Originally Posted by Charged-Reacter View Post
I took the gas line off my carburetor and emptied out fuel tank.
I pre- measured 32 ounces or 1 quart of fuel. My bike route is measured
out in miles. My fuel tank emptied at 17 miles and the bike engine quit
running but there was gas in the lines and fuel filter. To empty out the
gas line , I had to keep on trying to restart the bike engine. This was on
road with no hills.

Hmmm... To me that's not very good. I never checked mine that perfectly, but I "roughly" average closer to 100.

I think a huge part of the difference is how fast we run the engines.

I tend to just putt along at half throttle or less, around 18-20 mph.

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