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Default Re: Ticking/Pinging noise

I live in the desert 80 degrees in the winter.
At 2:00 am 120 degrees, just like Las Vegas but without the glamor just the heat.

I have a bushing engine so I need plenty of oil in my mix.

I use a blend of 64 oz of mobil one t 2 synthetic oil.
With 16 oz of Benol Castor.
I may add 2 oz of Marvel Mystery oil which is an upper lube to bust up the carbon build up.
I use this mix at 12 to 1 for break in.
And now at 16 to 1 for the heat .
Later in the year autumn at 20 to one.
Your mix will be what you can get locally.

Do not use an outboard pre mix oil. They are only good to 212 degrees.
The synthetic is good to about 410 , or less, degrees the Castor about 810 degrees and the marvel mystery oil instantly burns after softening the carbon.
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