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Default Re: What is the most comfortable bike seat for tender tuberosities?

Originally Posted by scabz24 View Post
the seats you pictured are very pricy and are made very poorly,a good duel density foam or gel cruiser saddle is ten times better than those three.
as for the priciness, oh yeah. but, hey, i was out in boonies searching for seats and in pain...
desperate times call for desperate measures.

I've wondered about the last one there with the slot as how comfortable it is?
it's a heck of a lot better than the stock.
it doesn't have suspension of any kind, but it dampens the vibrations very well. it's comfortable when,, like i said, i sit back on the meaty part (bike geometry isn't optimum).

(And, to be a little more personal, i have had some painful times with undercarriage pressure/pain when i rode my road bike to commute. ill adjusted seat and sitting too much on a skinny seat. this one is quite the opposite. no man's land floats on clouds—and there's a nice breeze, if you're into that sort of thing.)

now all i need is some thick scholls to get rid of the feet vib's.

ride- that sounds cool. do you have a brand/pic/price?
i'm willing to return this seat if i can find the definitive cushy seat. save receipts
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