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Default Re: what in your road kit

I'm going to carry the cell (and a chain and lock to lock up the bike) as I don't plan on breakin down if it does well my fault I'll chain to something but moat likely I'll call the snake to come and get me. I ain't worried I don't plan on a cross country trip and if I did I'm not taking one of these bikes only one has a cup holder and NO plug in for my capichino machine.
Sounds to me like you plan on some serious x-country riding. I don't pack much on the harley either in the way of tools sorry person that I am. The newer Harleys is gettin more like a goldwing ever day fuel injection electronic throttle am/fm/gps/cd players every trincket known to man kind. Ah.............. Its fun. But I hate to polish all the dang chrome.
Oh I also fly my own airplane and I do carry a Holy Bible if I get into a really bad situation I'll reach over my shoulder and break out the Bible and start studying for the big final.

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