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Default Re: King's motor ripoff

Yes kings and Gasbike are the same.
They sent me the wrong motor before and gave me only $10.00 credit.
I still have that credit but i wouldn't buy even a gastank from them.

I agree Fly By Taco.

I just got the PK 66 limited slant from Pirate.

Justin answered every e-mail and every phone call promptly before and after i bought the motor.
In fact he was tied up with a much more important situation yesterday and he still took the time to contact me.

I ended up getting the Black motor insted of the silver and Justin offered to ship me a new motor with a return UPS label. ( he wasn't even asking me to pay the shipping).

The color wasn't that important to me so i told him not to worry about it I am very happy with the motor i got.

You won't believe whats inside that PK Limited.

I tore it all apart to inspect everything and man i am surprised.
I will be posting a thread about this PK80J.
I have lots of pics and this thing is brand new so theres no dirt in the way.

It just goes to show how important it is to keep guys like SBP / RockSolid / Manic Mechanic/ and Pirate Cycles in buisness.

Nationwide Access, LLC deals with alot more than our HT motors and they seem to care less.
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