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Default Re: 80cc powerking motor 30km/h top speed

The 3 things that made the most difference for me.
An expansion chamber / A Billet Intake / Replace the plug wire and boot on the CDI.

Put these on and make sure the gaskets and everything match the ports.
Don't grind at your Jug ports except to remove flashing.
One cut too far and that thing will never run right.

The other key is that e-clip setting.
Try warming up the motor, ride it , then move the clip in one direction.
If it feels like not enough fuel ( Carb slide is usually dry if running real lean )
If the plug is really wet you are prolly running too rich.

After you get some idea of which way to go move it 1 notch at a time and try each.
If you move it one way and it runs woorse you went the wrong direction.

Try all the possable e-clip positions until you find the one where it runs the best all around.

Set the clip there ride it for a little wile and then check the plug color.
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