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This thread IS all over the place! So......A few things then I am stepping out of this one....

Always make sure your engine is properly tuned BEFORE you start adding go-fasters. It doesn't do any good to add "performance carbs" ect. if the engine isn't set up and running right to begin with.

I think there is a confusion on this thread (and others) about what the subtle but HUGE DIFFERENCES between "surge" "bog" and a blubbering rich "four cycling" condition are.

Those kinds of things need to be sorted before any long distance diagnosis can occur.

Black, oily=too rich move the C clip UP a notch.
White or gray plug=too lean Move the C clip DOWN a notch.
The "notch" being the different needle clip settings, the needle clip being on the slide needle.

If you are unfamiliar with those items and their location, you should go back a few steps, and read up on these and gain some basic knowledge BEFORE you start "fixing" you engine problems.

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