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Default 80cc powerking motor 30km/h top speed

Alright so I got 67cc/80cc motor from powerking at ebay engines great slow for the break I ran 16:1 for 4 tanks peak 2 stroke oil kinda crap but ran good alright the problem it was ok for it to be slow in a break in period it struggle to get to around 30km/h normal after about 200 miles it's the same I'm now running high quality am sol oil it hits 30km/h pretty fast lots of power except thats all it has to give when I open the throttle it goes then power is gone for 1 second then comes back and so forth I barley got it to 40 yet my new 49cc I got is silky smooth and fast very fast best engine I had yet and I mean no vibrations nothing. The 80cc engine is struggling for air or gas I checked for air leaks I change the gasket and used rtv blue seal left it for 24hr still the same I ported and polish the exhaust header and port still no power on the top end I'm going I checked the intake and see if the jet is clogged the spark plug is black same as the other one ngk brand and ngk boot brand new cdi box I just don't understand whats wrong I figure it might be the carb I'm gonna take it apart tomorrow and see whats wrong but some help would be appreciated it losses power on top end only going past 30 it struggles really struggles thanks again guys.

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