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Default Re: Suggestions extra gas on long trips

I put a rear rack on my bike to carry extra fuel etc. Last weekend me and a friend attempted to ride a 80 mile round trip on the country roads,got about 20 miles out there on the back roads just cruising along the very side of the road.Well what do you know,A SUV full of hoodlums came flying by at the least going 120MPH My buddy kinda went into shock mode and couldn't stop the bike so he swung his leg under the rear wheel trying to stop (I have no clue why LOL),I jammed my brakes and pulled next to him going a little over 30 and helped keep his balance from crashing.The bad part about it was,I had every other tool but no I didn't bring a spoke wrench or cell phone! So were going this coming weekend on the same route longer trip to camp out an fish a bit.Please take my advice,If your riding country roads be aware of your surroundings and be careful out there!
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