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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Yo, I want to thank previous contributor for taking the initiative and looking up my" frame make" by the funny looking bottom bar in it, as well as the dropouts
" Huffman" It is now so obvious, but he has the knack for seeing it first
I can truthfully say the tips, the experience, and the generosity of the subscribers here have released to me a million dollars worth of education in one weeks time... I need not explore to get more! it is all here in tips and tricks documented and photographed scanned or somehow incorporated into a attachment. the ingenuity and artistic expression combined with hard facts and expensive tools have enabled viewers world wide to get to the point!! of riding a fun set of wheels
I am journal'ing my build up that I fell upon, figured out, and have right here on my dresser next to me motor and all I can read and then work on it all day. I call it a "Armchair Adventure"
I have only bought two wrong headsets during my shop for parts portion of this adventure on the internet.. I know now the" lowriders" have the one I need these heavy duty springer's that are 1 1/8 steer tube require a `"1 1/8 headset" and incorporate into that the ancient 1 1/4 opening it will be few who do. metric sizing is beyond my comprehension and won't fit anyway.I could have saved 15 bucks if I had known that and I could have my forks on right my gooseneck and all. Oh well that's my tip[ATTACH][/ATTACH]
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