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Default Re: Help Setting up HT Motor

Originally Posted by Missmichelleb View Post
Good advise on the Gel grips and seat cover, i will have to get them this weekend.

I am dissapointed that the expanding foam doesnt work very well, i was really hoping that would help alot with the vibration. Its crazy to me how much this thing vibrates, another thing i learned is i need to get some locking nuts because i'm losing nuts, i lost the one that goes under the seat three times, and i noticed this morning that one of the nuts that hold the front wheel on where shaking loose.

I welcome any more ideas anyone has to help with vibration.

I have attached some pictures for everyone to check out!!
Hey Michelle!
That is one truly awesome looking build ! You did darn good on that
One thing about vibrations with these China Girls is that I've found out that over time ( past break in period ) they tend to smooth out some and like others in this thread have stated the sprung seat and gel grips work's just the nature of the beast for these things to vibrate. You'll adapt.

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