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Default Re: Help Setting up HT Motor

Originally Posted by Missmichelleb View Post
I am planning on getting a rear rack for the gas tank. I actually found silver bears pics when i did a google search and they made me realize i would need to a rear rack for the gas tank. I do really like the smaller cylinder shaped ones in the pictures.

What type of rack would you recomend getting, are there some types that are better then others if i want to use the teardrop shaped gas tank that comes with the kit i'm getting?

My kit hasnt arrived yet, i was expecting it either today or monday, so i guess its monday. I'm really glad to hear that Spooky Tooth has a good reputation.

Welcome to the fold Michelle
There are a number of tanks that can be installed behind and under the seat like one of those small bags that attach there. Other than that you shouldn't have any issues with mounting the motor but be careful when getting on the bike when the motor is hot as it only takes a brush against it to burn yourself. Hope this helps and we all look forward to seeing net result !

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