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Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post

I would advise consulting a local bike shop or two- my rims are alloy on a newer Micargi cruiser. The 26 x 2.25 were easily replaced by 26x 1.75. That's a gain of 1/2" in narrowness. But the new tires are smooth tread and weigh much less too. I was able to use the same tubes, ad the tires only ran $10 each- but then I've had a lot of experience changing bike tires through the years. Be carefull not to pinch the tubes if you do this!

The first thing you'll notice is how much easier the bike pedals even before firing up the motor. The motor notices the difference as well.

I also eventually put the 27 x 1 1/4" wheel on the front, which is even narrower still. But this usually will require another brake- a road brake with a sufficiently long reach, mounted through the center hole in the fork above the wheel. This brake is a Campagnolo road brake- I don't recommend because it took special boring of the center hole, and reaming of the sides of the brake to get enough reach.. The back one would not fit if I try to put a 27" wheel on the back, and I'd need a brake with a longer reach, because the center hole of the cruiser frame is drilled at an upwards angle for a fender, not a caliper brake- But the front brake really works much better than the original cantilever.

Recent photos and one from last summer, just after the first tire change-
Nashville Kat,I just dont agree on the skinny smooth tires becouse with the wider tires I have better handling and control,also a tire with semi tread(tread always on the road with no bumming)keeps me from getting flats....When I had smooth tires I was getting flats every week,sence I switched to a beachcruiser tire with semi tread I havent had a flat in 6 months....
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