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take your pick I just gor a raw 2 stroke engine and mounted it tonight Is is light enough to sit in the frame on top of my dresser and has become my little toy motor it may one day take me to Santa Monica on santa Monica Blvd, for about a buck each way. I pedeled that distance when i was 13 and it took all day and kicked my ass I only had an hour atht e beach and had to pedel home so Id say 2 stroke Yeah
My hub motor is 2009 it is fast silent and easy on the juice. I can run it endlessly for free if I plug in at a strip mall or any outlet in america I could even hoolk up a solar charger on my roof at thome if that were stuid enough of an idea and I wanted to prove it. it is a horse and a half motor that can compete with the cheap two stroke for 30 miles and out on flat surface. If I had it on a lightweight beach cruiser it will do 40 so thats good too
aned last but not least is a outboard gear reduction type motor hooked to a leftside freewheel and sprocket controlled and volted to top out at 30 volt The seller was sued by so many mother for crackin open the heads of their kids that they got spooked and govern the dam thing but a electric motor geared down to 27 to one and hooked to a bike chain will get you there in a hurry LOL
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