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Default Re: 415 chain with a bicycle sprocket?

Yes you can generally use a sprocket with a larger chain than it's made for- with enough clearance. In other words a single speed bike chain will fit on chainwheels and sprockets made for a 3/32" derailleur chain- but of course a derailleur wont work! . But a derailleur chain will not fit on a single speed sprocket.

Same with the 415 chain as opposed to the single speed 1/8 " chain. The 415 will fit on regular bike sprockets (I have a 36 on the back of my motor bike made from a front BMX sprocket), but a 1/8" regular bike chain will not fit a 415 sprocket.

I believe in fact that a narrow sprocket like built for a regular chain, even has a little more side-to-side tolerance then when a 415 motor chain is used- it will take more of an allignment deviation, and the same with a countersunk sprocket with machined narrower teeth.
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