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Default Re: Rear mounted Friction Drive

I got 20 of those and 40 of the rear mounted ones. Yeah, I'd like to sell them and just keep one or two. I'll take $189. for the front and $179 for the rear kits. The fronts are a 1 package deal with gas tank already attached. I finally figured out the rear engine problems. They need to be run for a few seconds with the friction wheel off in order to let the centrifigal clutch pop out. I let it run that way and accelerated a few times and saw the clutch expand. I put it back together (only 4 screws) and found that it gets stuck if the housing is forced. The housing needs to be placed so that the friction wheel ALWAYS moves freely. I found that forcing the kit can pin the friction wheel so its important that the wheel always moves freely. If not, you have to loosen some of the bolts that hold the kit to the bike. I did that and have been having lots of fun. I also have about 50-60 of the 48cc mid mounted engines to sell. I am in Orlando, Fl in case anyone wants to come out to see them.
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