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Default Re: Help Setting up HT Motor

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Hey, I like it! I didn't think that tank would look that good up front, but it does. Good idea on removing the front fender, now you don't have to worry about it. Are you havin' fun? I just went for a bike ride a little while ago. As I pulled up to a stop and got off I was thinking, "damn that was fun"! And it was. I'm in western Maryland for the next few months and appreciate every day I can squeeze in a ride up here in the mountains. Each time I think it may be the last for a good while, so it makes me pay closer attention and appreciate more the passing mountain scenery, the smoothness of the wheels and tires, the hum of the motor and power at the throttle, the fact that I'll be 65 years old soon and can still do this stuff. Every twelve year old ambition I ever had has been realized with my motorbicycles. Michelle, if you have half as much fun as I do, well I'd real glad for you.
Thanks! i didnt think the tank was going to look good up front either, but now i love it. Its easier to handle now too. I love riding it, it's a hoot! I use it as a daily commuter, i ride about 20 miles a day, its 9.3 miles each way, and i recently found a bike hwy that runs 6.1 miles of my trip, which is awesome because i feel much safer being on my own little road and barley anyone uses it, so i really get a chance to open up the bike. Its definatly a lot of fun and i'm saving a ton on gas.

I would love to ride in the mountains, i bet the scenery is amazing! I live here in San Diego, Ca. Well Escondido actually and i commute to Vista, so not too much scenery here, but they did do a very good job of decorating the bike hwy, with various plants and such. One think i love about using this bike as my main means of transportation is that is has forced me to move at a slower pace. I notice more about my surroundings and i am learning to enjoy the little things again and not always rushing to get to the next place i need to go.
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