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I'm new and stopping in to say hi! I have led a sheltered life in regards to tools and creativity. always in the garage as a shop monkey but never was shown how or why. Well I'm an adult now and tired of staring lovingly at all the projects that I see online, and in books or magazines. One of the projects that I am hopping to be able to do in a few years is a custom designed recumbent bike. One that can be switched out from a crank and go system, to either a fuel based engine or better yet a steam boiler system (I can dream right?)

I live in southern Wyoming, but I never felt that the town was honestly large enough to own a car. 30 - 40 min drive across town max, Maybe in traffic. and everything is located on two thirds of one side of town.

With my most recent auto problems rendering my car totaled, I remembered my old bike in the shed, but it needs some work. So looking in to alternate options A friend suggested this forum to me. I have to admit the cost of a simple build would be cheaper by far then any vehicle. What with fuel costs, and Insurance, and maintaining the dang thing. The only advantage I can see would be protection from the harsh winds and frigid winter season we have here.

So there you have it, and here I am!
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