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Default Hi from Dave, Canberra, Australia

Hi y'all, found your FANTASTIC site after being inspired by a motored schwinn style cruiser I saw a couple of weeks ago. But I also thought, hmmm needs a funkier frame and then I found the boardtrack racer! Some great builds here guys, real lookers.

I've just stripped down a donor, first time I've done that to a bike, gotta say it was a fun demolition! I've got a 2nd bike I'll strip down and then use both to start chopping, bending and welding. I think this project is going to take a while though as I'm a bit time defficient during this part of the year. Hafta learn how to do a nice weld on thin tubing so I'm expecting some practice time adding up too.

So Aussies, what are your recommendations for a 50cc engine? I had a look at the x-box site and was also impressed by rock solids HP engine - more $ but they do all the porting mods, better carby, higher-tensile bolts etc. Their standard 50cc is the same price as the x-box but they do the better bolts and spark plug & a coupla other things for that price, not bad. Anyone used their engine? They're in Adelaide. Any advice on engines available here in oz would be great as I'm a complete noob with 2-strokes!

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