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will do. but i have a problem with my new motor

i was riding it around to break it in just now. I wasnt getting on it or anything, i slowly give it more throttle as it accelerated and only used WOT for short periods of time. It's still on its first tank. well last night it ran fine and idled fine, now its really hard to start, and when i do finally get it started, if i let it idle it will suddnely die.
not bog out but just stopp altogether, i tried raising the idle some but it still does it.

i pulled the plug out and check for spark and it seems like its not sparking as often as it should. any ideas???

Edit: Problem solved! The rotor on the magneto came apart and the magnets were destroyed on one side. i just took the one off my RAW engine and now its good as new. Damn ****ty china craftsmanship!

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