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Default Re: Just call me Popeye!

How is the cable routing? Are you using the little spring that goes between the end of the cable and the arm? It's not really neccesary. Oil the cable well- if you want to really do it right, pull the cable ALMOST all the way out of the sheath and grease it with a light grease or regular motor oil, or if you are real fancy, buy a can of cable lube. Don't pull it all the way out of the sheath or you may have a little trouble getting it back in.

A little gear whine is normal, you can pop off the cover and put some wheel bearing grease on the gears- best to use a fine stick and take the time to put it on most of the teeth on the big gear as opposed to just globbing it in there.

You shouldn't have to adjust the clutch unless it's slipping. The pop off the right side cover, pull the clutch and lock it, remove the little screw that holds the "star" nut and turn the star clockwise a turn or so.
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