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Originally Posted by moosinatrix View Post
well after 16:1 break-in i plan to run 32:1 for a little extra power without tearing up the engine, I remember someone on here was running 32:1 and said his kit was doing great.

after break-in im gonna make a boost bottle for it (found the formula to make it the proper size)

also i would like to get my hands on a nice carb, tuned exhaust and v-stack for this kit. anyone know where i can find such things for insanely cheap prices??


also i read somewhere that for break in you should follow this method..

1st tank = 1/4 throttle (no WOT)
2nd Tank = 1/2 throttle (no WOT)
3rd Tank = 3/4 throttle (short bursts of 3-4 sec. WOT)
4th tank = 3/4 throttle (longer bursts of 6-8 sec WOT)

is all this really necessary and if not how should i properly break in my motor??
I don't think you need to fool with all that. I just run it and vary the speed some... open it up some, run it easy, run it hard, mostly just run it. For mix I used to go 50-1 with Amsoil sabre professional, now around 80-1 with the Opti 2 and once run awhile I run it at 100-1 Opti 2. No problems. Everybody has their own opinion on this. Personally I'll go with Opti-2 from now on.
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