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Default Just call me Popeye!

Hi all,
Well about a week or so back, I upgraded the clutch lever to the one Dax is selling. Definitely nice quality - heavy duty with no play in it like the stocker.

The problem is that it's getting progressively harder to pull. My forearm is getting sore like I'm working out, and I'm sure I'll look like Popeye if I can't figure out what's up.

I just squeezed in a few drops of Teflon-oil on the cable, hopefully that's my issue...

On the same note, I'm starting to hear a bit of a chirping sound from the clutch while cruising at a steady pace. Is this telling me it's time to make a clutch adjustment? When I pull it all the way in, I get about as little rolling resistance as I can imagine...

If you think I should adjust the clutch, please tell me how the rusty clutch adjustment thing works...or point me to a link that discusses it.

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