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Default Mini Chopper

Hi again peeps! So i recently bought a Mini chopper with what i beleive is a 49cc honda clone engine.
I bought the "Choppa" for $100 in very poor condition. When i got it there was no Gas tank on it and it wouldn't start.

I rebuilt the carb and it started right up. But then it wouldnt shift into gear. (BTW it has a 4 speed semi auto trans. (0-1-2-3-4)) so i took the crank case cover off and made sure all the parts were moving properly. well part of the shift mechanism was seized. solved that problem and have been riding the **** out of it.

Well my latest problem is the motor will start up but if you rev it up to about 2000-3000RPM it bogs out and dies, then wont start up again unless you let it sit for a while.
I replace the ignition box (with my brand new China girl Ignition box that i ordered for the RAW Kit, which has been working great.) and the engine has excellent spark jumping the gap on the plug.

The Carb doesnt have any clogged jets and as far as i know there arent any air leaks.

Anyone familiar with Dirt bike motors?? could you shed a little light on this situation??
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