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Talking Kit No. 2

Hey guys! It Has been a while since I have posted here so today im gonna do a double post. :P

So any of you who have conversed with me in the past know my first kit was a RAW 80/66cc kit.
The RAW kit Worked great but didnt hold up to my riggorous testing! lol

The RAW kit had crappy hardware nd bolts were breaking left and right. And in the process of building the kit, the shaft behind the clutch sprocket fell out and I lost the bearing that fits behind it (before I actually new the internals of these kits) making it extremely hard to pull the clutch lever.

Well i ordered a new kit from eBay it was a BGF 80/66cc. Its nicer then the RAW and cost less!!!
First thing I looked at when i got the kit was the Hardware on it. All the screw that hold the side covers on are higher grade No. 3 Phillips head/flat head, the rest of the hardware was higher grade as well! (I didn't break any bolts while installing the sprocket!!!!)

Which brings me to my next question, a 41t sprocket will give me a higher top speed then a 44t right??? Or am I thinking backwards??

Anyways The motor has been started and i must say it sounds alot healthier then the RAW as well as a lot quieter. On the RAW kit both the intake manifold mounting bracket and the muffler mounting bracket had a lip that shrank the ID of the ports far more then they should so i had to grind them down a bit, whereas this ws not necessary on the new BGF kit.

Also wanted to double check my math, a 16:1 break-in ratios is 8 oz. of oil to the gallon of gas right??
Anyways i will post some pics As soon as possible!

If anyone has any tips or comments/ questions about the builds feel free to post!
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