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Default Getting my toes wet

With a certain amount of nervousness and trepidation, I am thinking about fulfilling a fantasy dating back to the dinosaur age. My older brother got all the neat toys and I was given 78 rpm records. He got a basket of Whizzer parts which he managed to cobble together and mount on his knee-action Schwinn minus the heavy duty rear spokes recommended. I got piano and trumpet lessons. He was a dare devil, riding his whizzer at full throttle with no brakes; I was a reliable citizen and reasonably good student. But that Whizzer thrilled me to think of sitting on the saddle and not having to pedal, enjoying the breeze and the unique sound emanating from the Whizzer tailpipe.

Now I'm toying with the idea of building a motorized bike, wondering if two stroke or four makes more sense to start with, thinking about using one of the cheap mountain bikes gathering dust in the garage. I'm about to dig into the posts that may yield helpful shortcuts and how to avoid pitfalls. Should be fun.
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