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Originally Posted by Randog707 View Post
Hi all,I have a little problem.My bike runs great up to 22mph,but when I hit the 23/24mph mark my bike starts surging,the speed will jump up for a sec then back down.It wont go faster then 24mph.even if i go down a step hill at the 24mph mark it starts acting this called bogging?is my engine running to lean or rich?what do I do to fix this.thanks for all your info guys.Randy
It's sounds like your engine is 4-stroking... (it's a little too rich)

You should run about 4 gallons of gas through your engine before you start trying to tune it, because it will keep changing as it breaks in.
Also, if you're planning on modding your pipe or getting a expansion chamber, you should do that before tuning the carb!
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