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Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
I guarantee you'l notice it immediately- but do one thing, take both of the cruiser tires off first and holdthem in one hand and then hold the smoother narrow tires in the other-

the most difference is in the roll, but there's a lot of weight loss to be gained with other tires- cruiser tires are designed to ride on the beach without sinking in.
Im not big on the thin smooth tires....My bike handles alot better with the wider tires....The tread on my tires are were there is always tread on the ground so there is no bumping and I dont get flats anymore....With the smooth tread tires I was getting flats all the time....
My oppinion is the beachcruiser tires with light tread....No more flats....
IF I CANT FIX IT,IT ISN'T BROKEN!....ummmmmmm so I thought....
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