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Default Re: Rebuilding the kit, storage options, etc

I'd have finished this earlier, but time was limited.

It's running now. The new bike is an excellent fit. It's much better than the old bike, which is exactly the same bike Reptile Spot is dealing with.

Unlike before the motor is completely secure, and I don't have to worry about it ripping off and flying at me lol. There are still some minor things to do, like adjusting the idle, but I'm very happy with it.

As for storage... I think I will keep it inside in the back room. There is something different about this gas/oil mixture that doesn't make me asthmatic like last time, additionally the back room is really an enclosed porch that is sealed off from the rest of the house. The reasoning is not so much the elements now, as is the threat of the bike getting stolen. Guns go off every other night, cops patrol heavily here, my neighbor's house was broken into the other day, another neighbor was shot at, etc... These people would think nothing of cutting the lock and taking my bike out of the back yard.

Photos coming soon (at work)

*update* I will post them sometime later and in the right forum section.

One reason I had fume trouble last time when storing it inside was that I failed to burn through the gas in the carburetor. I was sure to do that this time, in addition to emptying the tank. And as a precaution, I covered the muffler (which will leak a little sludge), carb, and gas tank with plastic bags.

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