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Default Re: Skeptics Review of SBP Tuned Pipe

It really doesn't go against what we say it is simply that the changes are very minor and you would need to do extensive testing with either a dyno or timed acceleration and top speed runs to tell the difference. So yes changing the length plus or minus 2 inches from stock will be hard to tell much of a difference unless you measure it accurately. But if you change directly from 2 inches shorter to 2 inches longer than stock there should be a perceivable difference. 4 inches is a lot on a tuned pipe.

A note on the additional muffler, it does not have a baffle in it but is just an additional "glass pack" style muffler so it really does not effect performance but does quite it down a fair bit. Most customers say that the pipe run stock is slightly louder than stock, and with the additional muffler is slightly quieter than stock.
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