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Default Re: Pre War Frame+RAW Kit

A trophy winner for sure! I notice that Weight calculates into distance when going electric. But I found out there are hardly any E-bikesthat are bullet proof. It seems that only "this Year" have they become reliable.
I'm always looking in the internet for these alternative vehicles but I am a chaeap as anyone I know.
I'm very proud on my Stingray because I morphed realy nicely.
Currently "Front Hub Motors" can power a bike without requiring any skills.
In my case I neede to Hack saw an section of my chopper Forks to allow for the width of the Huge Hub up front. it was a easy tash and is not even noticable I also had a situation abut the Stingray chopper seat, Mine spit from the seat post because I always lifted the rear of the bike from the seat bar.
I had a dilema for a minut but found a girlfriend who always comes up with the perfect fix, In this case a White sparkly banana set made some time in the sixtys. I simply set a one inch chrome tube in the seat post slot and drilled straight thru bolted that end and ran the banana set straight back to just above the rear hub. I then stole two rods from a rear rack and secured the rear. this is the best seat I have ever had it polished up like new and is a reminder that Americans make good s*it.
my lowrider chopper e/ectric stingray is a one of a kind there will never be anoter one this detailed . It has all the original Lightning bolts and special edition trim from the white elephant I bid $160 on in june 2008, it seems the rear hub motor it came with gets hot and melts down on a steep hill in 100degree weather. Mine locked up completely. It was a simple task to replace my rear 20X4.125 stinger hub for a one speed I bought the same time as my chopper because I never trust any thing I get from china. it fit in the same slots and uses the same tire. Up front I discarde the 24X2.125 80 spoke rim with this State of the Art 2009 three phase three wire hub motor buit on a similar size heavy duty rim I thing these spoke ar 10 gauge. It is a bullet proof hub that just starts spinning when throttled by a dud dum pattern in the controller. its rated at 12,000 watts or one and one quarter horsepower. I am 170 lbs and this chopper is at least 100 lbs with 4 12 volt 12 amp SLA's on board It pulls a hill with hardly a whimper and speeds downtown at over 30mph that 10 miles an hour over the federal regulations. It has unlimited speed potential and rides smooth on that lowrise frame. a real{" Keeper"
I will happily post my progress here in Hollywood Hills it seems there are thousands of engineer types loosing sleep over these Kid Toys.
My chopper and I have been Hit by cars thrown off a moving train and have never even flinched. it seems the "FLY" as I call it is Bullet Proof now.
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