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Default Re: Science fair Ideas....

Originally Posted by jdcburg View Post
Hi 42Blue15 - I have to wonder where you got your figures for electric vs gas. If youíre talking about a Bionx hub motor with Lithium, well thatís a pretty expensive way to go. ....

Maintenance and operating costs are next to nothing. Charging the batteries after a 10 mile jaunt uses less than $.10 of electricity. Thatís 275 mpg at todayís gas prices. Yes Iíll have to replace the batteries someday but at under $40 for the pair thatís not going to break the bank. ....
The problem with doing a comparison of e-bikes using SLA batteries is that SLA's are so heavy and have such a low energy storage density that (at the time I did the web page) none of the better kits even offered SLA batteries at all. Using SLAs immediately limits you to very short distances, as SLA's are the most-easily damaged by deep discharging.

I got my e-bike figures off of the BionX site, because that was the ONLY site that tried to give real-world performance figures for what they were selling. BionX tries to explain how many miles you'll get per-charge, and how many discharge cycles you will get before needing a new battery. You need to know that stuff to compute the real costs, and nobody else knew them, and no other vendor sites gave them.

I used the two battery types that BionX offered, because that was all I had real figures for.

My info showed that gasoline would need to rise to around $14.50/gallon before EV's would become economically justifiable.

Someone did post a link to an electric scooter that could come very close to the cost-per-mile of a gasoline setup. The scooter used lead-acid batteries but it only had a range of about 30 miles, and it weighed over 300 lbs. The long recharge times and the lack of pedals (the scooter being too heavy for them anyway) drastically affected its practicality. Yea if you only had to go 20 miles total a day it would work great--but then, the question becomes "if you buy the e-scooter to save money on gas, will you ever recover the purchasing cost of the e-scooter by gasoline savings?" and in most instances, the answer is "no". Most people who buy motorcycles and claim it's to "save gas compared to driving their car" will never recoup the cost of the motorcycle ownership by gasoline savings.

I'll repost that web page if I can find all the stuff that was on it.
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