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Default Re: Skeptics Review of SBP Tuned Pipe

Well it's prolly jus' semantics and ya know this - but the "clogging" is limited to the batting loading up w/oil and not silencing as well as before. I wanted to clarify this just in case someone was worried about a loss of performance, which is not effected ofc.

I have no idea how well the lawnmower silencers work insofar as noise, but I suspect they're a baffle design and I'd bet the interruption of flow increases back pressure and effects performance. A glasspack absorbing the concussion wave a bit but allowing a straight pass through of the exhaust wouldn't effect backpressure to any significant degree regardless of length... within reason ofc.

Still, I wonder... mebbe the lawnmower style would be quieter *shrug* I suppose someone could try both for the uber-stealth approach, but I for one am a lil too performance greedy to try it lol
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