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Default Re: Skeptics Review of SBP Tuned Pipe

Hey Charged, this might help you with the neighbors

One of the things I really like about the SBP system is it's "tunability" - not just performance, but for fit and even customization. The silencer is indeed a glasspack, which is wonderful for flow... but you do need to periodically replace the fiberglass packing as it gets saturated with oil and carbon, particularly with a 2 stroke. Not to worry, it's not something that needs to be done frequently and it's a simple matter of drilling out four rivets and repacking it. Standard household fiberglass insulation works fine.

When I got mine my first thought was that the silencer was a touch on the small side and indeed, it didn't silence much. I actually wondered if there was any packing in it at all. The addition of a high temp rubber hose served well enough to reduce the "bang" and I kinda forgot about it. I noticed we had a pile of 2" OD aluminum conduit at work so I grabbed a chunk and brought it home... and promptly forgot about that too lol

I got bored last week so I drilled out the rivets and pulled the silencer apart, cut and "polished" the 2" conduit, made a tube extension out of heavy mesh screen, wrapped it in fiberglass and reassembled it - replacing the stock 3 1/2" silencer with a 6" one.

It worked so well I'm going to build another as long as I can without hitting my kickstand. Noise levels are hard to describe ofc - but now when I pull my clutch in at speed and the engine drops to idle I cant hear it at all anymore over the road noise and chains, the first time I did that I thought it had stalled lol

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