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Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
A few small holes drilled through the air cleaner cover helps air flow w/out exposing engine too much. A 36 sprocket bigger gear helps the cruise speed- that wide open throttle seems to be elusive for most people not changing carbs around- the new NTS carb at spooky and pistonbikes is promising, and cheaper than the "racing carb"

Got a HUGE surge just changing tires from heavy knobby cruiser tires to smooth 26 x 1.75- only 10 dollars each too, and the even put a 27 " wheel on the front- the rolling resistence is INCREDIBLY less, and the weight is too.
I will drill a few holes on the back side of the carb and see if that helps,but this is the 3rd carb I put on it(have lots of extra parts laying around)and it still acts the same....What is strange is it will come alive every know and then and get up to around 29 or 30mph....I cant choke it at all so you may be right on not getting enough air flow.....
IF I CANT FIX IT,IT ISN'T BROKEN!....ummmmmmm so I thought....
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