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Default Re: Ask a specific question

The sprocket will indeed fit after a few curses and some beating on the coaster brake lever. But there is only five inches of wheel left between the sprocket and the rim.

I'll let you know what it is like tomorrow after I pick up a tube. The one in the tire was shot. The tire isn't great but it will do for a while. By the way a 20" wheel and tire is nice to work with. Small enough to be easy enough to work with on the counter in my shop/lab. Since a scooter wheel is 12 inches it shouldn't be too bad on the road. At least I hope not.

I think I'm going to pick up a balloon tire on ebay just to give it a little more stability. I guess i can put a 2.125 tire to replace a 1.75. I think I read that you can go bigger but not smaller. If anyone know let me know.

By the way someone wanted to buy my bike on the road today. To bad he didn't ask before norman showed my how to fix that carb. He could have gotten a really good deal.
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