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Default Re: CARBS...I give up

to get that gear off easy, you need an impact screwdriver, one smack and you have a loose screw. not sure why you want to take that off tho....

try adjusting your clutch via the cable holders hole. and the cable holder is the part where your cable sheath goes, allowing bare cable to pass on to the actuator lever. if you unscrew this, you can put a punch down there and hold the retaining ring. someone can probley go a little more detailed because i have not the patience at the time (lol im on my way to work, burning ****ty stale gas because i have to.... payday is 3 nights away and it was all i could find at work to get home on!)

it sounds to me like you have a tight clutch, especially if it idles high with the screw turned all the way in.
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