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Default Re: CARBS...I give up

Originally Posted by george_n_texas View Post
This is your bike and you should fix it however you feel is best but I gotta wonder why you are spending all that time and effort workin and waiting for parts when bypassin the filter is free if not a few bucks if you don't have fuel line laying around. I know you can see fuel in the filter but what you can't see is what is on the other side of that paper filter. I could be wrong about this, was part of a problem I had BUT my wrong only would cost a few bucks with no shipping and maybe 5 minutes time to try.
It is not only the filter but I am changing almost the entire fuel system with the exception of the carbs. As per the carbs I followed Norms procedure and cleaned all the jets and other components. I am pretty sure the carbs is cleaner than my underwear though,,, I just want to cheer up...and think positive..Thanks man.
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