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I most humbly beg to differ Capirs. Was on the phone with a gentleman who is doing a tranny of my design for 4 strokes. He is a go-cart guy. He was telling me about a case where a neighbor kid broke in to a garage and stole a go-cart. Ended up killing himself on guy wire on a telephone pole. The owner of the garage and gocart were successfully sued by the child's family as even though it was locked, the gocart was not locked up in the locked garage.

The woman who sued McDonalds after spilling coffee in her own lap got 3 million?

Not arguing with you, just sayin' Personally, I am with you. Folks should be responsible for them selves.

(and I should be taller, better looking and richer, snork)((in a perfect world))

worst apocalypse ever
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