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Anthony, you can do this. Do your home work and no kidding, keep your day job. The hurdles I know you will meet (which is not all) competition, every one who builds their first MB, wants to make it a career. (as did I) Second on my list is if you resale 2 smokers, you have to buy a lot to compete by price. With 2 stroke kits, you have to compete by price. On the internet. If you are not well insured, insulated or own nothing, then you are libel. Will be sued! That guy hits a tree, your fault.

Not trying to dis wade you in any way, this is just the biz of MBs. You can do this. Just do your home work and think it threw.

When I got in 2 this crazy, there were maybe 3, 2 stroke dealers. Look on either side of our posts. Tip of the iceberg.
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