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Default Re: what's your greatest/cheapest score on bikes or parts?

just picked this Worksman up, super cheap.

frame's been powdercoated blue, and i can tell it's had a rough life, looks like it had a lot of rust, and it's been bead blasted or something. but it's nice and straight.

the stupid handlebars gotta go. can't even turn without them hitting my legs. (and i can't turn them upside down, either!)

it looks like it was either a cheaper model, or the parts have just been switched out over's got Wald forks, cranks, and chainguard. the original welded tab for the chainguard's been cut off. new tires and pedals, too. oh, and some nice shiny Wald fenders, with no dents.

it's got worksman wheels, but they're 12 gauge spokes, not 11. and Joytech hubs, too. i might relace the rims with 10 or 11 gauge spokes (just 'cause the rims are better than the cheap china ones and they gots good chrome) , and shimano hubs (or one of my old vintage, skiptooth bendix coaster brakes.)

but, for what i paid, it was a steal.

oh, it's got 3 masterlinks on it, too. those are going straight in the trash.

i'm either gonna put a motor on it and sell it, or take the parts off and sell the frame. as good as these worksman's are, i just think they're freakin' ugly.

i'm not gonna spend my time cutting and welding it into a pregnant boardtracker.
but if you want to, make me an offer...
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