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Default Re: Right Setup? - Fuel Line to Carb Fuel Valve pictures incl.

Originally Posted by rkorson4209 View Post
hey pablo can i ask exactly what you mean by this? Like unscrew the petcock, and pull the p;astic piece with screen off the petcock. Also I bought a fuel filter from SBP,love that place, plan to buy alot more, but anyways, not sure if you have seen them, but they are cone shaped. I was just wondering what side is up and what is down. Right now i have to point facing down
Yes lose the that plastic piece.

In this picture, fuel flows left to right - this would make the point facing up. So any crud is trapped on the visible side.

From SBP's site:

Originally Posted by SBP
Fuel Filter
Place the fuel filter between your fuel valve on your tank and your carburetor. The pointy
end should face the tank. Be sure to take your fuel valve out and remove the stock screen.

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