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Default Re: CARBS...I give up

Originally Posted by pnz View Post
Did you get it to Idel still not idling. The engine still revs high on clutch lever half way press and engine stalls at full clutch lever being pressed.

Here's what I have done and still not idling.
1. Made sure clutch cable is not binding with throttle cable
2. Remove clutch spring cable.
3. Re-overhaul the carbs and clean with carbs cleaner. Made sure I can see a tunnel running through the jets and no clog.
4. Re-orient the gas line to upright vertical position.
5. Change the spark plugs to NGK B6HS and gap to 0.28
6. Replace spark plug cable to 7mm Accel copper braided high voltage radio resistant cable (really cool)
7. Solder and insulate (heat seal) the cdi black and green wire to the magneto wire. Now it is permanently attached.
8. Bought new fuel and mix 20:1 synthetic oil
9. Punch small hole on gas cap
10. Make sure the throttle springs back and the slider needle is set to proper position
11. Tried different needle e clip position from first slot to the fifth slot.
12. Inspect clutch, magneto and engine sprocket for anomaly (everything looks ok)
13. Made sure throttle cable has no slack and not to tight.

After all this...I will replace:
1. Carburator
2. Throttle cable (the cable that is currently installed has a very small bent or kink inside the throttle housing)
3. New SBP gas filter
4. Intake Manifold - Dax
5. Throttle housing with kill switch - Dax

I am awaiting all of the above parts to arrive. I hope one of this parts will solve the issue.

Thanks - I will let you know of the progress.

Kevron / Ron
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