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Default Re: Any Programmers around here?

Originally Posted by Prasinos View Post
there are literally hundreds of dyno designs, mine would use the moment of inertia of a flywheel. Torque=(angular acceleration) x (moment of inertia). So id use the program to record the angular acceleration and i would calculate the moment of inertia of the flywheel, so using both the values i can calculate torque. Then you just multiply that by angular velocity to get power.
Yes... I understand now. Dynamic. I looked at building a water paddle type dyno but ended up using a long gradual hill nearby in conjunction with a GPS to get a relative idea of engine performance.

Like TheE I am inclined to do this type of logging with a cheap AVR or PIC micro and download result to a PC instead of trying to make the PC do reliable low level timimg. It seems to get worse with each new version of Windoze.
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