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Default Re: Help Setting up HT Motor

Originally Posted by silverbear View Post
Hello Michelle,
Congratulations on getting the engine mounted and having it all up and running. Very cool. Fun, isn't it? I think you've gotten solid advise from forum members. Along with other nuts and bolts to give attention to are the fender bolts over the front wheel. Also check to see if the metal around where the mounts bolt to the frame remains sound. If there is a lot of vibration it can stress the metal and eventually break. Not to worry over much, but it is all something to be aware of and giving a check-over every now and then and a visual check every time you ride is a real good idea. Wearing a helmet? Your bike looks good!
Silver Bear - Thank you so much for all your help. It is definatly fun, i have been using it as my daily commuter for two days now. Its 10 miles each way, with various hills and obstacles, its defiantly challanging and a good work out. I most definatly wear a helmet, right now i just have a basic bicycle helmet but tomorrow i am getting some extra for my bike, like a better helmet and a gel seat and grips, i'm also going to get gloves and a better jacket. I am actually thinking of taking the front fender off, i like the look, but it does vibrate alot while i ride and right now the bike is more for a practical purpose and doesnt need to look perfect. However i am extremly happy with the over all look of my bike, it almost looks like i planed it out, but really i think i just lucked out.

But i am really happy that i had a womens bike to use for this, i was scared at first that it wouldnt be as good as a mens, but i like how easy it is to get on and off the bike and it still look badass

Thanks again for your help and any other improvement suggestions are always welcome.
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